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NEWS 2020
Incubator Humidifation System

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Fiem Ciop 2017  

Technical data
Power Supply V/Hz 220-230~ 50-60
Power Consumption Watt. 155
External Sizes cm 75x64x85H
Internal Sizes cm 70x60x60H
Net Weight Kg 17,5

Our “SLIM ECO” climatic room has been properly conceived and designed for the delicate weaning phase and most of all for the intensive care of several birds or reptiles species that need special artificial climatic conditions. This unit consists of a wide compartment whose dimensions fully comply with the dimensions of transport cages for parrots in order to avoid any stress to the animal during the transfer phase from this cage.

- The cabinet consists of special walls made of pre painted galvanized panels.
- The latest MINILED control board provides a temperature adjustment with decimal accuracy, a °C/°F integrated conversion and humidity reading RH%.
- The automatic humidity set up is available upon specific request.
- Double check of temperature by a further thermometer supplied.
- The humidity and temperature sensors, digitally adjustable by the control board, are completely separated to maximize reading accuracy and reliability.
- The possibility to switch off the ventilation perfectly fits different needs of the breeder allowing him to work by static or ventilated mode according to the species.
- The 6mm polycarbonate transparent sliding doors allow a perfect view inside and the total opening provides an easy access to the pet compartment.

The safety of electric components fully complies with EEC standards and the control panel outside the incubator helps preventing any problem with electric components arising from humidity and condensate.