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NEWS 2020
Incubator Humidifation System

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The two/three-day period before the chick birth is defined as hatching phase. Artificial climatic conditions in the last days before birth greatly differ from incubation period so that, in order to reach a better hatching percentage, we suggest using two different and separate machines for egg incubation and hatching, respectively.

This is due to the fact that during hatching phase eggs are not turned any more and the humidity percentage is to be highly increased.

Fiem provides for a very different range of machines suitable for egg hatching, ranging from the simplest models with a limited capacity for eggs to professional models with more advanced equipment, in order to manage several environmental parameters, such as temperature, humidity, safety cooling, etc., in the easiest way.

The hatching process needs a great effort by the chick; this is why our company has conceived and manufactured the most modern systems ensuring the best hatching results, associated with minimum labour cost and highly reduced energy consumption.

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