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NEWS 2020
Incubator Humidifation System

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Incubator mod. M250-RH

Fiem incubatore MG250 RH
Technical specifications

- Professional incubator ideal for all incubing applications particulary where the need to work delow room temperature is needed.
- Outer body in steel coated in epoxy anti-acid paint.
- Inner sructure in stainless steel AISI 304 with rounded corners.
- Double insulation door with silicone seal to prevent heat loss.
- Internal door in crystal for easy inspectioning.
- Thermal insulation with polioretano.
- Fridge with ecologic gas.
- Internal ventilation for further stabilizing the themperature.
- Digital display P.I.D. Thermostat to ensure good stability.
- Temperature range from +3°C  to +80°C. Accurancy to ±0,5°C to 37°C. Display precision ±0,1°C.
- For further protection the oven is equipped with visual allarm security thermostat and manual resetting.
- Steel shelves adjustable in height.
- Ventilation opening with manual flow control.
- Heating elements are not in contact with internal chamber but are in an ante-chamber to guarantee uniform heating.
- Illuminated two phase main swithc.
- Power supply 230V-50Hz.
- Built according to C.E.I. normatives (66-5).
- 2 class, DIN 12880.

Model M250-RH
Volume (nominal) lt 250
Width mm. 593
Depth mm. 522
Height mm. 797
Width mm. 956
Depth mm. 730
Height mm. 1392
Shelves included 2
Power W 2400
W refrigeration to +5°C 200
Power supply V 230
Weight kg 120